To refresh or not to refreshTo refresh or not to refresh

The question of how often to refresh your website is one of the most-asked questions in the internet community. The responses to this question often vary greatly, with many experts recommending as often as possible.

This however is not necessarily always true. The hard part is, there is no correct answer. In order to assess your individual need, we recommend breaking the question down into sub-components.

First, let us consider the content of your website.

The one item all experts agree on is that you should ensure that you do not have any outdated information on your site. It is highly recommended that you review your website at regular intervals and remove all information no longer relevant. If you run specials and online promotions, this could be as often as multiple times per day. For a more static (information only) site, you may only have to do this once or twice a year (depending on how fast your business and service/product offering changes).

It is recommended that you change your Home page more frequently than the other pages. People want to know that your business is still around - not a fly-by-night organisation that went out of business some months ago already. This can be as simple as changing or moving a few pictures around, or a few changes to the text.

The adding of new information similarly depends on your business and what you use your website for. If the primary focus of your website is to provide background information regarding your business, quarterly, six-monthly or even annual additions should suffice. If your site is used for communicating new products, successes, articles and projects, you will need to do this at a more regular basis with once a month being the bare minimum. If your marketing strategy is to constantly communicate with existing and potential customers, keeping them informed and enticing them to frequently return to your website, you should add new content not less than once a week.  Adding some kind of new content assist in growing your site at a constant pace and keep visitors coming back to see updates.

Secondly you should consider the design of your website.

The design (look-and-feel) should probably be revisited, at least slightly, every 2 to 3 years. Design trends and technology changes so fast, that a website usually starts to look dated after 2 to 2.5 years. The good news is that a well-designed site will not take much to refresh the look and does not require a large investment to do so.

A good strategy initially will allow for smoother and more cost-effective changing and growing in the future.