Fax to E-mail

Facsimile (fax) communications remain a popular means for the transmission of business documents, especially for the fast delivery of signed or handwritten documents, or for businesses who have historically made the investment to integrate complex fax solutions into their operational processes.

AccessWeb recognises the continued need for faxing services and to this extend created the AccessFax solution to assist in streamlining fax-based communications. Our solutions are created from the following optional components:

  • Incoming Fax to E-mail (faxmail) for receiving faxes directly in your e-mail inbox
  • Outgoing E-mail to Fax (mailfax) with national and international least cost routing
  • Bulk faxing facility to distribute one communication to multiple fax recipients

Electronic faxing (commonly referred to as Fax to E-mail) is an innovative solution enabling the delivery of incoming faxes to and sending outgoing faxes from standard e-mail software. Other than traditional faxing solutions, no specialised hardware or software is required to send or receive faxes.

The AccessWeb solution provides increased cost efficiencies, productivity and information security that traditional faxing methods often lack.