AccessWeb offers a variety of e-mail hosting solutions, using one of the following standard solutions as foundation for further customisation to your individual needs. Refer to the E-mail Hosting Options section for a more detailed discussion of each.

Description Hosted Hybrid

 E-mail (Internet) Domain:

  •   Generic domain
  •  Own domain

 Message Delivery:

  • Internal messages delivered via the internet
  • Messages will deliver to mailboxes while internet is down
  • Messages delivered directly to my server


  • Copy of messages saved on server
  • Messages only saved on local machine (workstation)
  • Central mailbox store for backup purposes
  • SPAM filtering before messages are downloaded
  • Anti-virus scan before messages are downloaded

 Cost of Solution:

  • Once-off Setup Fee
  • Ad-hoc Support Fee (Server / Gateway)
  • Monthly fee per mailbox


  • New messages & sending available via web interface
  • Mailbox accessible from outside my network

 Recommended for:

  • Home user
  • Small business
  • Medium-sized business
  • Large business
 Supported / Recommended                Optional / Subject to configuration

Selecting the most suitable e-mail solution for your environment may appear a daunting task, especially considering the options available and the numerous items to take into consideration. AccessWeb specialises in helping businesses make such technology decisions, translating the different technology options into measurable business terms.