Connectivity Pricing OptionsEach AccessWeb connectivity solution is designed with unique customer needs in mind - contact AccessWeb if you would like assistance in selecting the best solution.

We offers both capped (quantity-based) and uncapped (speed-based) ADSL connectivity options.

Many service providers promote uncapped ADSL packages as the wonder-cure to the historic frustrating and expensive bandwidth limitations South Africa consumers were subjected to - while there are undeniable benefits to having uncapped solutions available, capped ADSL solutions often remains the most cost effective and reliable option suitable to customer needs.

Look at the following high-level comparison to help you decide on the type of ADSL package you need:

Description Capped Uncapped
 Monthly Fee    
  •  Higher cost for faster connections
  •  More affordable bandwidth pricing
 Bandwidth Volume    
  •  Unlimited monthly bandwidth quantity
 Quality of Service    
  •  Semi-shaped service
  •  Shaped service

 Connection Speed    
  •  Bandwidth throttling with heavy usage
  •  Connection speed unaffected by heavy usage
  •  High priority on ISP networks

AccessWeb has done extensive analysis of the two ADSL connectivity streams, developing a reliable model for assessing and recommending the best solution for each requirement. Contact our sales team for a free, no-obligation assessment of your current environment and a comparative cost-saving proposal.