ConnectivityAccessWeb offers various connectivity options to suit the pocket of private individuals and businesses alike.


AccessWeb offers the following voiceband connection options:

Service Monthly Fee Annual Fee
 Dial-up  R 85.00 R 900.00
 ISDN 64 kbps  R 110.00 R 1 100.00
 ISDN 128 kbps  R 140.00 R 1 400.00
  • Dial-up connections include 3 e-mail accounts, with 3 aliases each
  • ISDN connections include 5 e-mail accounts, with 3 aliases each
  • All e-mail accounts will receive free spam and virus filtering
  • All e-mail accounts can be accessed by standard e-mail applications, as well as via a standard web-based interface

The following standard capped ADSL packages are available:

Package Monthly Fee Top-up (per GB)   Package Monthly Fee Top-up (per GB)
1 GB R 110.00 R 110.00 10 GB R 630.00 R 63.00
3 GB R 201.00 R 67.00 20 GB R 1 200.00 R 60.00
5 GB R 332.50 R 66.50 40 GB R 2 000.00 R 50.00

Should any of these packages not meet your requirements, AccessWeb also offers customised solutions based on your unique GB requirements.


AccessWeb offers two types of uncapped ADSL packages.

The Access Basic solution is ideal for home users and small businesses requiring a shaped (certain types of traffic are offered at reduced speeds) solution. The Business Express solutions are more suitable for the medium-sized business, requiring less restrictions and expecting higher monthly volumes.

The packages on offer are:

Package ADSL Speed Monthly Fee   Package ADSL Speed Monthly Fee
 Access Basic 384 384 kbps R 219.00  Business Express 384 384 kbps R 1 036.00
 Access Basic 512 512 kbps R 299.00  Business Express 512 512 kbps R 1 336.00
 Access Basic 4 096 4 096 kbps R 539.00  Business Express 1 024 1 024 kbps R 2 670.00




Access Basic packages offer a shaped service that limits the speed of certain types of protocols that causes excessive traffic on the network, including Peer-to-Peer, bit torrents, newsgroups and high-volume download sites such as RapidShare.

Business Express packages offer a shaped service where a threshold is allocated for a 10-day rolling period. If a customer reaches the 10 day threshold before the 10th day, the line speed will be halved for the remainder thereof.


Many businesses have opted to connect branches with more affordable ADSL connections, in favour of the traditional data line connections. AccessWeb offers a local-only bandwidth solution specially designed for connecting South African based branches via ADSL connections, without the expense of international bandwidth.

Choose from one of the following flexible packages:

Package Monthly Fee Top-up
(per GB
  Package Monthly Fee Top-up
(per GB
5 GB R 131.25 R 26.25 30 GB R 682.50 R 22.75
10 GB R 257.50 R 25.75 40 GB R 890.00 R 22.25
15 GB R 375.00 R 25.00 50 GB R 1 100.00 R 22.00
20 GB R 485.00 R 24.25 75 GB R 1 650.00 R 22.00
25 GB R 587.50 R 23.50 100 GB R 2 200.00 R 22.00






 * All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT