A number of options are available for connecting to the internet, with the choice often only limited by the local telecommunication infrastructure and your budget. The AccessWeb solutions are designed to suit the budget, infrastructure availability and connectivity requirements of both private individuals and businesses, located anywhere from rural areas to urban centres.

For first time users, start off by checking the following:

  • Do you have an automatic telephone exchange in your area? I.e. can you dial a number directly from your handset?
  • Does your local telephone exchange support ADSL? Click here to check Telkom ADSL availability.

The next step in the process in the process is to decide on the best connection for you - if your local telephone exchange do not support ADSL, choose from one of the AccessDial solutions available.

If ADSL connectivity is available, select your preferred line based on your budget and desired line speed (refer to the diagram for easy comparison).

Finally, choose your preferred AccessADSL package from our Connectivity Options.

Connectivity Speed Comparison

Telkom line rental, installation and ADSL rates* are as follows:

Connectivity Installation Monthly Rental
 Residential line rental (exchange connection) R 410.57 R 114.91
 Business line rental (exchange connection) R 410.57 R 152.63
 Fastest DSL - up to 4 096 kbps R 524.83 R 362.28
 Faster DSL - up to 512 kbps R 524.83 R 285.96
 Fast DSL - up to 382 kbps R 524.83 R 133.33
  • Telkom will bill the ADSL in addition to existing telephone line rental, installation and telephone / fax calls
  • AccessWeb will bill you for your selected ADSL bandwidth package

* Prices and offers correct at time of writing
** All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT