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IntroductionAccessWeb specialises in being a one-stop technology solutions partner to home users, small and medium business. Our mission is to offer cost-effective, reliable service to our customers, custom made to their individual requirements.

At AccessWeb we strongly believe that affordable technology solutions should not be restricted to the big corporate enterprises, but be made available to the man-in-the-street and the smaller businesses where such savings are even more needed, as well. Technology has become part of everyday life - as standard as having a cellular phone. Yet the average home user and small business seems destined to pay retail prices and rely on often inexperienced and inferior resources to assist them with their technology needs. We strive to change this by offering specialised services and professional products at affordable rates.

In those instances where an individual or small business manages to find a reliable and affordable service provider, the service provider is often too small to be able to provide an all-encompassing solution to its clients. This results in having to manage various independent technology providers, often with conflicting strategies, in order to keep your technology environment operational. The cost and effort associated with managing such an environment, when properly measured and calculated, most often end up being far more expensive than the value derived from the solution. AccessWeb is uniquely positioned in the market to rectify this situation for our clients while not having to charge the rates of large service providers.

Our specialised services and solutions include highly scalable offerings in:

  • Connectivity (bandwidth),
  • Electronic messaging (e-mail),
  • Domain registrations,
  • Website design and hosting,
  • Hardware and software equipment supplies,
  • Ad-hoc technical support services (servers, workstations, laptops, printers and software),
  • Data management (backup and recovery),
  • Technical service level agreements,
  • Data migration and integration (transfer of data between systems),
  • Technology project management,
  • Network auditing, design and implementation (routers, switches and cabling),
  • Software asset management, and
  • Corporate governance solutions (policies and procedures).

AccessWeb offers no-obligation quotations to help identify the best solution fit for your needs, as well as free technology-related assessments for businesses.



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